In May I Consumed….

Forsyth saga

Fleur Forsyth, looking like she’s about to consume something too

Let’s talk! These are some of the things I’ve been reading or watching or listening to this month. Now I’m itching to talk with someone about them.

Share your spoiler-rich opinions in the comments!


The first few books of John Galsworthy’s Forsyth Saga (I’m up to the end of Awakening), after hearing the BBC’s adaptation of To Let. As a side note: I’d love to find a way to listen to the earlier BBC episodes.

Funny Girl, by Nick Hornby.

Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, by Reza Aslan.

Real Artists Have Day Jobs by Sara Benincasa.

The Silk Roads: A New History of The World, by Peter Frankopan. Not finished this one yet: I’m still in the 1500s.


Love Me, documentary directed by Jonathon Narducci.

Baby Cobra, standup by Ali Wong

The First Monday in May, documentary by Andrew Rossi

The Body of An American, play written by Dan O’Brien and produced by Stage Left.


Past Imperfect. Fascinating if slightly horrifying Radio 4 program about false memories.

Technically this was in April but I have not stopped thinking about it. Kim Cattrall (Samantha on Sex And The City) talking about her insomnia on Woman’s Hour.

Next Stop: Mariachi Plaza on Radio 4.


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