Dispatches From The Wrong Side is a blog by M, an anthropologist living in Chicago. It’s a revitalization of an older blog, Hanging Around on the Wrong Side of The World (version one and two), that I started when I first moved to the US from the UK back in 2005 and wrote on and off until 2009.

Dispatches is a space to share ramblings and opinions, and hopefully conversation, with friends scattered around the world. As a word of warning, I use this blog as a scratch-pad for ideas that aren’t fully developed yet, to encourage myself to get over perfectionism in my writing: i.e., it’s not always perfectly edited and some posts will be almost unintelligible stream-of-consciousness.

This new blog also differs from the old ones, in that it includes more about theater and the theater community in Chicago, thanks to the influence of my actor/playwright partner (who crops up on here as J).

Comment policy

Unfortunately women with opinions tend to attract misogynists. To save myself the hassle of deleting their bile, I could just not include comments at all. But then I might miss out on really engaging interactions with people who drop by and want to add to the conversation. Like these comments for instance.

So there will be comments, but be warned that they’ll be moderated. Douch-baggery of all kinds with just be deleted.

What’s that counting thing you keep doing at the end of the theater blogs?

I’m interested in keeping track of the gender and racial diversity of the plays I see, as part of a broader conversation about what kind of stories/whose stories are being produced.

I’m including the crew because, despite what Matt Damon thinks, it’s just as much a problem to have all-white, all-male crews, as it is to have all-white, all-male casts, if we want to get beyond only telling one kind of story.