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Proposed U.S. Citizenship Test Questions! Tea Time.  

In this new series of posts, I am proposing questions that I think ought to be on the U.S. citizenship test. For each question, I’ll first give you the average British person’s answer, just to show what an uninitiated, unassimilated person would say. Then the Gringo’s response with my explanation. Previously: What is Cream Cheese Served With? How Many Bathrooms Should a Family House Have?
tea cup

My mum has these cups. That’s about her level of stewed, too.

Question: How do you make a cup of tea?

(British) Foreigner’s answer:

Normal tea or posh tea? Posh tea involves blah blah blah whatever, you can find someone pedantic to fight about it with at a dinner party if you like.

But normal tea requires just boiling water, proper tea in a teabag, milk, a biscuit, and the correct mug.

Using the wrong mug will can cause unpardonable offense. Don’t do that.

Otherwise the big secret is: you honestly can’t go wrong.

U.S. Citizen’s answer:

You’re doing it wrong.

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